Structural / Engineered Wire Mesh


Welded wire designed specifically to enhance time savings by replacing rebar in structural applications.


Median barriers, Double Tees, Bridge Beams are just a few examples of where Engineered Wire Mesh can be used to replace rebar.

Size Range:

ESM with wire sizes ranging from D4 up to D31 with variable and fixed spacing available. Sheet sizes available up to 12′ – 0″ wide to 48′ – 0″ long.

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  • Tunnels
  • Precast Decks
  • Box Culvert
  • 2-Way Slabs
  • Paving Mesh
  • Sound Wall Mesh
  • Bridge Beams
  • Cast-In-Place
  • Median Barriers
  • Hog Mesh
  • Accu-Cage
  • Soil Reinforcement

ESM Standards and Specifications

All ESM produced by WMC conforms to current ASTM A-1064 (replaces ASTM A 185 for smooth wire and ASTM A497 for deformed wire). WMC is NTPEP approved at some of our locations along with being DOT approved in many States (Contact us for list). WMC can provide ESM with yield strengths from 65,000 psi to 80,000 psi.

We also offer bent ESM in addition to custom cutting and coatings, such as epoxy coated, and Hot Dipped Galvanized. Stainless Steel is also available by special order.

Advantages of ESM:

  • Reduced labor. In many cases ESM can be placed 50% faster than conventional rebar and can be placed using less labor.
  • Accurate spacing. Because ESM is mechanically welded, the spacing is accurate and requires less field inspection than rebar, thus saving additional time and money.
  • Custom lap splice sheets. Saves steel and makes placing ESM accurate in the lap zone.
  • High yield strength. Allows engineer to reduce the steel area from grade 60 of conventional rebar. This can reduce up to 25% of the weight, thus saving overall tonnage on projects.