Wire Mesh Corporation Products

Standard Mesh

Standard mesh produced by WMC meets all ASTM requirements. Whether your needs require sheets or rolls we can provide the highest quality welded wire mesh for your customers and projects.

Structurally Engineered WWR

Welded Wire Reinforcing (WWR) is manufactured at a higher tensile strength, it can reduce the amount of steel consumption up to 25% in traditional rebar reinforced projects, thus lowering the overall cost to the customer. WWR has a faster placement time than rebar and can reduce overall project completion time. In many cases WWR is designed directly into the project. When it is not, WMC can help customers upgrade the existing reinforcing to WWR.

PC Strand

PC Strand When it comes to PC Strand (PCS), professionalism is our trademark. During our expansion in 2011 and 2012 we invested in the most technologically advanced equipment to produce top quality PC Strand. Our PC Strand mill is centrally located in Conroe, Texas, a location that is perfect for prompt delivery to customers all across the United States.

At WMC we understand the meticulous process that must be followed in order to produce a highly regulated product. The genesis of any top quality product comes from superior, state of the art, top of the line machinery. WMC has mastered every step of PC Strand production, from the initial descaling process to the final testing for ASTM compliance. Company procedure dictates that we not only invest in the best people but the very best machinery: always!

Bright Basic Wire

Bright Wire Roll Whether your customers require wire for the most “basic” needs, all the way up to our superior Plating Quality wire; we are committed to bringing you the very best product available in the industry. Bright Basic Wire (BBW) needs vary for different applications so please contact us directly to find out how we can be your bright basic wire supplier.

Pencil Rod

Pencil Rod 2 Pencil Rod is another value added product that is available. Straight and cut rod, smooth or deformed and is available in sizes from 3/16” up to 5/8”. Stock lengths are 10’ and 20’ but are available in just about any length you desire. Whether your requirements are a bundle or a truckload, WMC can meet your needs.