Wire Mesh Corporation FAQ


  1. Why have I never heard of Wire Mesh Corp before?

    Until late 2008 we had only gone to market with a national two step distributor. We recently became aware of the necessity to market our products through additional channels in order to hit all segments of the industry.

  2. Is wire mesh more structurally preferable than fibermesh?

    Wire mesh actually provides structural reinforcement to the concrete, fiber mesh can be used in conjunction with wire mesh to help with control separation and cracks.

  3. Can I order custom sizes or are there only standard size sheets and rolls?

    There are definitely standard size’s in the industry as detailed on our product page ; however, we are able to provide custom order sizes with quantity.

  4. Can I mix sheets and rolls on the same truck?

    Yes, we mix trucks of rolls and sheets everyday.

  5. Will Wire Mesh Corp do job quotes and hold the pricing?

    We will work with you on projects with extended lead times and will develop an equitable situation in order for you to supply your customer competitively.

  6. What is the spool size on your rolls?

    7 inches.

  7. Can Wire Mesh be used in lieu of Rebar?

    Yes, Wire Mesh Corporation will be glad to review your building plans and design options for using wire mesh instead of rebar.